Transitioning into Years 11 and 12 (Stage 6) – Holiday Workshop

Transitioning into Years 11 and 12 (Stage 6)

Suitable for both Years 11 and 12 only (in 2024)


Writing for senior school is more challenging, with expectations at a much higher and more comprehensive level than required within Year 10 and below. This course will prepare students for the rigours of essay writing and developing skills in higher modality language, as they transition to the final stage of their secondary education. This program utilises the curriculum as the vehicle to teach, the skills and content needed for BOTH Year 11 students to prepare for the upcoming year, OR for Year 12 students to refine and improve skills in the lead up to the HSC.

  • Looking at the first module in Year 11 – Reading to write. This unit is essential for students to understand as it links to Module C in the HSC – The Craft of Writing. Students will look at various styles of writing, including Stream of Consciousness, The Theory of Omission, Pictureskew and others.
  • Essay writing and higher modality language that is necessary for HSC English.
  • Imaginative and Discursive writing – Module C.
  • Looking at how to undertake an in-depth study of Literature – Module B in the HSC.


In term one of Year 11 Maths, all returning students will begin with a review of three core, Year 11 topics they studied in Year 10; Simultaneous Equations, Quadratic Equations, and Surds. While in Year 10, students would usually be given 2-3 weeks to study each topic, in Year 11 students are only given 2-3 days to cover this content, as the expectations have now changed as your child transitions into Stage 6.

After 6 – 8 weeks of school holidays, students usually find the return to school, and the vastly increased workload of Stage 6 quite overwhelming and unnecessarily.

This holiday programme will cover the Year 10 topics, as well as the key topic areas of Graphs, Trigonometry and Calculus. These three key topics will be taught in depth, allowing your child’s transition into the first term of Year 11 to be less stressful, with them feeling highly informed and confident as they progress through the final stage of their secondary education.

The following dates have been nominated for the upcoming holidays;
– Tuesday 9th January + Wednesday 10th January from 12:30pm – 3:30pm
– Tuesday 16th January + Wednesday 17th January from 12:30pm – 3:30pm
Math class followed by English class.

Simply express your interest by emailing

Workshops are usually held as 4 x half day (3 hour) workshops and includes all resources and stationery needed, plus snacks (not lunch).


The workshop will be confirmed the week prior to the workshop date (dependent on number of attending children).

$360 per child (12 hours), or $345 for second sibling / child or when referring new family.

Express your interest in attending via emailing or calling 02 4942 3000.