Holiday Program – Book club – reading and writing skills

Lead by an experienced teacher and teacher librarian, your child will have the opportunity to develop a love of reading and books…

Does your child struggle to write independently?

Or is it hard to engage your child in recreational reading?

Does your child love escaping into a world of stories?


Suitable for children…
Group #1 – Years 3 and 4 – Wed 10th July, 9am – 12pm
Group #2 – Years 5 and 6 – Thurs 11th July, 9am – 12pm

Book Club is an excellent way to engage all children in reading and writing, helping them to develop or further foster their love of stories and books. From the most avid reader and writer, to the most reluctant.

During ‘Book Club’ session your child will;

  • enjoy reading and discussing stories quality and age appropriate literature
  • analyse literary devices used by authors to convey meaning
  • analyse themes to build comprehension and analytical thinking skills
  • make connection between texts, other media and the real world
  • engage in fun activities related to the selected book and it’s author.

Participation in the book club will be focused on building students’ engagement and enthusiasm for recreational reading.

Engagement in recreational reading has been shown to positively enhance mental and emotional wellbeing and it allows readers to experience works and stories beyond their own lives, both fantastical and realistic, which builds their creative and critical thinking skills.

Students will develop language skills valuable for growing and improving literacy and enhancing independent writing. They will analyse themes within stories and make connections with the real world. They will engage in creative, persuasive, and information writing and learn to enhance their independent writing with rich language and writing techniques.

These sessions will be run by a qualified primary school teacher and teacher librarian with expertise in developing students’ love and critical understanding of literature.

‘Book Club’ will to excite, inspire and build a relationship between readers!


Group #1 – Years 3 and 4 – Wed 10th July, 9am – 12pm
Group #2 – Years 5 and 6 – Thurs 11th July, 9am – 12pm

Simply express your interest by emailing

Workshops include all resources and stationery needed, plus snacks (not lunch).

$45 per child (3 hours), or $30 for second sibling or when referring new family.


Express your interest in attending via emailing