Tuition FAQ


Over 90+% of our (parents) survey respondents rated our programs as “high quality”, and 98% stated their children “enjoyed attending” classes at ARRENDELL Education.

Locally owned and operated for over 40 years, we are confident in our service, hence we offer a First Session Money Back guarantee.

No. The focus at ARRENDELL Education is the individual learning experience and skill development arising from the engagement within the group setting either in the form of reading, discussion and writing or the interactive nature undertaking with tasks.

The session length is designed around stage level and purpose. For example, to cover the language skills, grammar, reading texts and writing genres, we need 2 hours with the upper primary and high school students. There is significant variation within the session to maintain concentration and motivation.

Yes, but this is usually undertaken with senior students or in special circumstances. The format at ARRENDELL Education tutoring centres around the benefits of group work, and the interactive nature of the learning experience. Group experiences of discussion and engagement with peers are very important to skill development. This is one of the unique strengths of ARRENDELL Education.

Groups are small and tasks are often quite individual in nature. We cover relevant content areas across the term that each student requires to meet their needs.

We have a history of over 40 years of working with young people; employ experienced and specialist teachers, most of whom have post-graduate degrees; and provide a unique, high quality professional learning environment, conveniently located in Charlestown. Additionally, when the fees are calculated on an hourly group basis, they are very competitive with the an hourly rate of $32 per hour for the two hour session or $47.50 per hour for a one hour session.

In a highly competitive world, tutoring is becoming the norm for students whose families seek to provide their children with the best opportunities for advancement and high achievement especially with literacy and numeracy skill development. These skills are particularly important for entry into selective schools, opportunity classes, the HSC and entry into competitive university courses such as Medicine, Law and Business. ARRENDELL Education is designed specifically to enable your child to be the best version of themselves.

No, ARRENDELL Education has its own unique culture which has been developed over the past 40 years. Its focus remains with skill development, and higher levels of thinking in particular, rather than the content driven nature of school academic expectations. Skill development in areas of literacy and numeracy enable children to adapt and apply their skills and higher levels of thinking to the broad range of tasks required of them and positions them well to achieve at the highest level.

Tutoring will certainly benefit a high achieving child. Gifted children need to be challenged and extended particularly with higher order thinking and processing skills. At ARRENDELL Education this is made possible in a group session of high achieving peers, discussion and teacher engagement.

Fostering a love of learning within an affirming environment is the first step towards success; building your child’s confidence. Importantly, we start with the basics in both English and Maths and gradually extend each student. Each student is then able to work at their own pace and level of understanding until they are confident to move to a higher level.

Our highly experienced teachers and tutors work closely with your child and will advise if an alternative option is more suitable. We have many groups operating so it is very easy to find a group to suit either your child’s social or academic needs. We encourage you to talk to the either the Managing Coordinator or the relevant teachers should you feel necessary.

We cover all the key components critical to success with the Selective Schools entry exams. Specifically, the components include:  Reading, Comprehension, Writing, General Aptitude and Maths components. For more details, please refer to the Selective School Entry Information on the website or at the office. Feel free to discuss Preparation Programs with the Managing Coordinator. And remember, we can customise based on specific needs.