Quality tuition for Kindergarten to Year 12 HSC for 46+ years

We create a love for learning, a passion for reading, and a desire to achieve at the highest level.

Locally owned and operated for over 46 years, ARRENDELL Education is conveniently located in the Sky Central West Building in the heart of Charlestown. Since 1977, our experienced and passionate teachers have helped over 20,000 students to thrive in school and in life.

We enable students from across Newcastle, Maitland and the Hunter Valley region to build on their learning skills and strengthen the weaknesses that might be holding them back from academic success and happiness at school.

See our programs below…

Kindergarten to Year 6

Building on concepts explored at school, ARRENDELL Education’s experienced teachers help our young students with the use of learning aids, games and positive reinforcement during their tutoring sessions.

We specialise in quality tuition for English and Mathematics, working within small and engaged groups, where each child is given the dedicated support they need.

Year 7 to Year 10

As students move through high school, their needs and skill levels are more diverse.

Our highly trained teachers identify each student’s strengths and weaknesses, working in small groups to prepare them for the challenges they currently face and will encounter during the HSC.

11 and 12 HSC Preparation

ARRENDELL Education’s experienced tutors work diligently with senior students to build their understanding of the HSC process.

Students develop learning techniques and exam strategies so they can complete the HSC with confidence.

Merewether Entry Preparation

Families choose Merewether High School because of its academic standing and the enhanced opportunities the school will provide for their children.

ARRENDELL Education’s preparation courses provide thorough and focused tutoring to increase the likelihood of a successful application.

Opportunity Class Preparation

Opportunity Classes are offered to gifted students in Years 5 and 6 who are performing well above average.

Our tutorial sessions ensure your child is aware of the structure of the qualifying tests, and prepares them with the appropriate academic skills.

Naplan Preparation

It is vital for students to feel supported and exam-ready so they can do their best in the NAPLAN assessment.

NAPLAN Preparation Tutorial sessions help reduce the stress of NAPLAN, sharing a variety of activities that develop student confidence.

Help your child build a love for learning, a passion for reading, and a desire to achieve at their highest potential.

Act quickly to secure a place for your child. Students are able to start mid-term. Enrolments for the following term are now open.


ARRENDELL Education has been helping children to flourish at school for over 40 years, offering supportive and caring tuition for all ages.

Instill the confidence and skills for success at school

Improve your child’s academic confidence and help them gain an understanding of the topics they find challenging.

Motivated, enthusiastic students

Your child will be surrounded by supportive classmates who are eager to learn and happy to participate.

Compassionate, experienced teachers

ARRENDELL Education’s passionate teachers are highly qualified and motivated to help your child achieve their best.

Exceptional outcomes

Reluctant children become re-engaged, getting excited to learn and more confident, while exceptional children learn to leverage their natural abilities.

Exam preparation

We show your child the techniques and practices which will optimise their results, and eliminate stress at exam time.

High success rates

We have helped hundreds of children gain entry into Merewether High School, Opportunity Classes and to win selective scholarships at Independent schools.