We truly value the relationship with our network of parents and students. We always appreciate the open feedback they regularly provide us.
Over 90+% of our survey respondents rated our programs as “high quality”, and 98% stated their children “enjoyed attending” classes at ARRENDELL Education.

I would like to say thank you for the many years my children have enjoyed and benefited from ARRENDELL Education. My daughter started with ARRENDELL Education way back years ago and both children have enjoyed the experience and they both realise the difference it has made – most importantly in their attitude and appreciation of a good education.

The McPhersons

We would like to thank Damon for all his help and encouragement throughout the year. Our son has greatly benefited from his Maths tuition and he felt confident with his HSC maths exam last week and hopes to get good results. Thanks again for all the clear and thorough explanations Damon gave, our son seems to have really enjoyed his time with him.

F. McCarthy

Arrendell is a wonderful tutoring centre and from the very first lesson I saw my grades skyrocket. Arrendell’s teachers are relatable and they are also understanding to every child. The teachers are confident and help guide you through your English journey. I have been attending Arrendell since 2011 and I don’ t plan on leaving. Different topics are thoroughly covered throughout each lesson. Classes are smaller ranging from individual lessons to group lessons with 10 students. If you want books, go to the library; books suit all ages from cartoons to novels. There are kids that you can bond with in lessons. There is no uniform that has to be worn and last of all, there’s food!

Year 8

Coming to Arrendell every Tuesday has been great pleasure for me. I learnt so much stuff I didn’t know about writing and I improved so much in writing after coming to Arrendell. I got to read all the books I wanted to read and I improved in reading and comprehension as well. Coming to Arrendell has always been a great pleasure for me.

Year 5

Arrendell has helped me so much with writing, grammar, punctuation and lots of other things. Arrendell has made me achieve lots of goals in English and writing. I’m so glad that I went to Arrendell for tutoring.  Also, if you’re looking for your favourite books, don’t go to the library, to Arrendell. So if you’re not getting tutored from Arrendell, you’ll be crying.

Year 5

Arrendell has helped me a lot. I have been here in English for only one year and it has improved my skills in English and Mathematics. The teachers here have improved my foundation and have made me don’t dislike English with a fiery passion. They changed my point of view in reading, writing or anything having to do with English but Now I write imaginative stories in my spare time and read a small pile of books per week. Before Arrendell became something weekly in my life, I have…been behind on various subjects but that changed at this wonderful tutoring school, this year I even got a credit on English and Mathematics on the UNSW tests. I want to thank all the teachers; Lauren, Kali, Steve and Marina at Arrendell for helping, encouraging and improving my overall academic results at English and Maths.

Year 6

I used to hate reading and English but when I got here, Arrendell taught me how important it is to read books and how much fund reading is. I’ve improved a lot since I started here. My writing has gone up by miles, and punctuation and grammar have gone up as well. My Maths at Arrendell has improved a lot and I now do sums that are Year Eight.

Year 6

Arrendell has changed my life greatly. My teachers have seen my improvement in English since I started in Arrendell. I started reading more books and eventually I got my passion for reading. My writing has become longer and longer as I write more and more.  Arrendell has led to success. It’s contributed a lot in my English. I eventually love the subject, English.

Year 6

I like Arrendell and books that I read are awesome! My favourite books are Roald Dahl and Dork Diaries because they are a bit funny. Also I like Story Treehouses; they are really funny. My teacher, Ingrid teached me speak marks. I love the biscuits. Teachers are very nice. They teach us in fun way. Math and English is good Math is better. Friends are nice too. Arrendell is awesome!

Year 2