Tutoring Benefits

We truly value the relationship with our network of parents and students. We appreciate the open feedback they regularly provide us…over 90+% of our survey respondents rated our programs as “high quality”, and 98% stated their children “enjoyed attending” classes at ARRENDELL Education.

Why ARRENDELL Education?

ARRENDELL Education is the longest running, locally owned and operated tuition provider in the Newcastle, Maitland and Hunter Valley region. We opened our doors in 1977, and in 39 years we have helped over 20,000 students achieve school and lifelong success.

ARRENDELL Education started as a small private tuition centre in the home of founding Director, Gwenda Sanderson, with a special focus on books and the love of reading and writing.

Today we are centrally located in the centre of Charlestown and provide tuition to over 200 students each week.

We focus on family values, with all our staff and experienced teachers passionate about learning. Importantly, they bring a specialist understanding to the fundamentals of learning and the love of reading in particular.

We ensure each student’s needs are met. If we feel they may require a tailored or different program, we will discuss this with the parent and the student to ensure they reach their full potential and gain optimum value from their tuition experience.

ARRENDELL Education is not just another home-work centre, nor a simple extension to school, but rather a specialist centre in which students acquire the higher level learning skills required to be the best among their peers.

We ask you to try ARRENDELL Education first, after all it’s the local, personal and family dynamic that keeps our students returning. We are confident in our services that we offer you a First Session Money Back Guarantee.

We ask you to give your child the educational advantage and contact us today to discuss your child’s needs and how we can assist.