Preparing for High School

‘Bridge to Year 7’ program aims to prepare your Year 6 child for the educational challenges of year 7 and beyond

Suitable for Year 6 children

During Year 7, students will be exposed to a vast range of terminology as they are encouraged to analyse texts and use the language of texts such as: ‘composer’, ‘audience’, ‘language techniques’ and ‘creating meaning’. They will also be given essay questions to interpret and be expected to write both short answers and long detailed essays.

Over the upcoming terms, to assist Year 6 students prepare for Year 7, we will develop the students’ skills at report and essay writing. The skills will include deciphering the question, identifying important facts that need to be included, highlighting and note taking. Students will be shown how to draft the opening paragraph of the essay or report so that their work has a sound basis on which to develop.

Narrative and creative writing skills will also be developed as we encourage students to link their understanding of how texts work through exploring an increasing range of well written texts by well-known authors. We utilise an increased range of authors and books to ensure students have a smorgasbord of choice when it comes to reading so that their vocabulary level is expanded. Year 9 NAPLAN results highlight the fact that many students are not exposed to high level vocabulary and that this directly effects their ability to write successfully in secondary school.

We continue to develop their ability to write persuasive texts and we research various issues that are of interest to them and they learn to write response in essay style format. Poetry and poetic imagery are also covered. We conclude the year with a unit on developing study habits for secondary schools and how to study for exams.

Students will work on mastering the Year 6 core topics including Number Theory (Roman Numerals, Order of Operations), Fractions, Decimals and percentages, Geometry, Units of Measurement (Perimeter, Area and Volume) and Number (Prime Numbers, Square and Cube Numbers, Factors and Multiples).

Additionally, some new topics will be covered, including Algebra and Directed (Negative) Numbers which are introduced at secondary school. Having a background in the new and sometimes complicated topics will be beneficial.

*Class availability may change, be added to, or be altered frequently and without notice.

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