AI Creative Writing

Use AI to make creative writing more engaging. Lead by an experienced teacher and teacher librarian.

This workshop will help children understand what makes a story great, how to best capture and engage the audience, what aspects need to be included to create a story. The program will also look at structure, characterisation, brainstorming, and writing techniques etc.

A fun way to learn and develop your child’s writing skills.

There are three key sessions to the full day program:

8:45am: ARRIVAL

9 – 11am:

  • Understanding stories
  • Structure, Characterisation and Writing Techniques

11 – 1:15am: MORNING TEA

11:15am – 1:15pm

  • Brainstorm ideas and Writing Techniques
  • First draft and Editing

1:15 – 2:00pm: LUNCH

2 – 3pm

  • Navigating Storybird
  • Publishing Stories

Days held?

Group #1 – Years 3 and 4 – Wed 17th July, 8:45am – 3pm
Group #2 – Years 5 and 6 – Thurs 18th July, 8:45am – 3pm

Workshops are usually held as a full day from 9am to 3pm and includes food; pizza lunch and snacks (rice crackers and fruit/veg) plus, all resources needed.

$90 per child (6 hours), or $60 for second sibling or when referring new family.

Express your interest in attending via emailing or calling 02 4942 3000.