Selective (Merewether) and Scholarship Entrance Exam Preparation

What’s the minimum entry mark for Merewether High School?

Merewether High’s minimum entry mark on the rise…

Entry into the Hunter regions only academic selective school is very competitive:  “A Newcastle Herald analysis of Department of Education data shows students needed to achieve at least 191 out of 300 in the Selective High School Placement Test last March to secure one of 180 year seven places at Merewether High this year (2019).”

Usually, placement tests involve assessment of English (including reading and writing), Mathematics and General Ability. Some schools also take into account a student’s primary school’s assessment of their performance in English and Mathematics during Year 5 (we believe it can be up to 50% of the student’s performance in Year 5). Other evidence of academic merit may also be considered. It would be best to check directly with the school/s you are thinking of enrolling. Hence, further reinforcing the importance of why children should continue to develop their strong academic foundations.

The Hunters only academic selective school – Merewether High School is chosen because of its academic standing and the enhanced opportunities the school provide for children. The school has traditionally offered a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum, focusing on high expectations of student academic achievement. Students attending Merewether are often characterised as high achieving and gifted students. However, even gifted students do not develop their full potential unless encouraged to strive for excellence.

ARRENDELL Education can assist your child reach their full potential…
The primary years of a child’s academic career are vital as this is when the building blocks for future success are built. To ensure your child has every possible opportunity for success in such a highly competitive environment, we have developed an academic program that immerses children in quality literature, helping your child to improve their basic vocabulary and their understanding of how language can be utilised to express ideas and expand horizons past the mundane of everyday life. Rather than just focusing on the content driven nature, as is often the focus of many school curriculums, our programs also assist in the development of higher order levels of thinking, thus ensuring the education experiences gained at ARRENDELL Education will assist students in their future academic endeavours and beyond.

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