Year 7 to Year 8 English Holiday Workshop

English – Essay and general writing skills

Suitable for Year 7 students only

During Year 7, students are usually exposed to a vast range of terminology as they are encouraged to analyse texts and use the language of texts such as: ‘composer’, ‘audience’, ‘language techniques’ and ‘creating meaning’. They will also be given essay questions to interpret and be expected to write both short answers and long detailed essays.

This half day workshop will focus on the TEEL method of writing essays, and the basics of imaginative writing, through storytelling.

Full direction and practise essays will be taught using explanations and scaffolds, to ensure that each student understands and can utilise the framework for each type of question.

These will range from:

  • Review
  • Analyse
  • Create
  • Discuss
  • Report
  • Create

Students will study each method and will be able to put into practise the skills needed for each technique. This will enable students to hone their writing ability and write with more confidence.

No dates have been nominated for the upcoming holidays. Feel free to express your interest as per below and nominate suitable days your child is able to attend.

Workshops are usually held from 9am to 3pm and includes food; lunch and snacks and all resources needed. The workshop will be confirmed the week prior to the workshop date (dependent on attending children).

Express your interest in attending via emailing or calling 02 4942 3000.