How to BEST prepare your child for NAPLAN

“The most effective way of preparing your child for NAPLAN is to keep developing literacy and numeracy.”

NAPLAN tests a student’s fundamental skills in reading, writing, language practices (spelling, grammar, and punctuation), and numeracy in years 3, 5, 7, and 9. It’s essential to focus on building solid literacy and numeracy skills to best prepare your child for the NAPLAN test.

Literacy and numeracy skills are a fundamental requirement because all other learning depends on them. All students need to build a strong foundation of these skills. NAPLAN allows teachers and parents to assess each student’s performance from a national perspective.

NAPLAN is not like other exams

NAPLAN assesses skills that are developed over time, so children cannot prepare for it in the way they prepare for end of term tests. These skills need to be continuously developed and improved throughout the year, not only in the days before the NAPLAN test. The most effective way of preparing your child for NAPLAN is to keep developing literacy and numeracy.

Make your child exam-ready

ARRENDELL Education focuses on helping young students to thoroughly develop their literacy and mathematical skills, helping each individual child to reach their full potential. We believe that literacy is the single most important part of education, without which all other learning is not possible. After all, a quality education will equip a child for lifelong success, beyond simply doing well in school exams. A solid grasp of language will help your child to fulfil their potential well beyond the classroom.

Literacy integrates speaking, listening, and critical thinking with reading and writing, and it keeps developing all through a person’s lifetime. After all, school is just a dress rehearsal for life. Quality literacy and numeracy skills will determine your child’s level of lifelong success.

“We believe that literacy is the single most important part of education, without which all other learning is not possible.”

Avoid putting too much pressure on your child    

Many feel that NAPLAN testing puts too much pressure on children and causes anxiety. While the stress faced by children is a concern, it’s an opportunity for them to develop the skills and resilience needed to face life’s challenges. Children learn to deal with the normal nervousness associated with sitting for a test or competing in a race.

Children are facing more daily stress than ever before. Statistics show that around one in ten Australian children suffer from some type of anxiety disorder. That’s why it’s essential to manage stress before the tests to avoid making children unnecessarily anxious. Working in small groups with consistently engaged teachers, helps students at ARRENDELL Education refine their literacy and numeracy skills and better their confidence and overall performance.

“Children are facing more daily stress than ever before.”

How stress affects your child

A study shows that a little stress can help us to adapt during evaluation by increasing concentration on the task. However, after a certain optimal level, stress can reduce concentration and performance. A high level of stress that’s maintained for a prolonged period can drain mental and physical energy, reducing the well-being of a person.

Tips to reduce anxiety before testing

  1. Acknowledge the nervousness that your child is experiencing instead of dismissing it as silly or unwarranted. Explain that it is normal to be a little nervous before a test and even adults experience anxiety,g. before an important work meeting or interview.
  2. Ask questions to understand the reasons for your child’s anxiety or worries and suggest coping strategies. Doing practice papers in exam conditions will help your child to face their fears. You may discover that your child has unrealistic fears that you were not even aware of. Specialist services (add link) assists children and adolescents who display symptoms of anxiety and
  3. Reduce pressure by placing the importance of NAPLAN within context. Schools may tend to overstate the importance of NAPLAN and this puts a lot of performance pressure on teachers and children.
  4. Consult the class teacher if your child has learning problems or is too anxious about the test. A psychologist can suggest coping strategies that will help you and your child to deal with anxiety. Specialist services can help to identify and remediate learning problems that tend to multiply over time.

NAPLAN was not designed as a pass or fail type of test, but the process can be unnecessarily scary for young students, especially as the test is encountered every two years. ARRENDELL Education offers development of fundamental literacy and numeracy skills, and awareness of exam techniques that enable children to be confident and do their best.

Our tutorial sessions include NAPLAN preparation to help reduce the stress of NAPLAN and other school assessments and exams by involving students in a variety of activities aimed at developing their confidence and exam techniques.

Find out more on how ARRENDELL Education can help prepare you child for NAPLAN.

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