Kim D’Amico

Kim D'Amico

Senior High School / Secondary English Teacher

Kim has a wealth of teaching experience, with expertise in English, History; Modern and Ancient and the list goes on…Society and Culture, Religion and ESL. Having taught for almost 30 years, with 8 years teaching at Merewether Selective High School, her areas of expertise include writing, literacy and research. Kim is passionate about student learning and prefers a hands-on approach to learning. She motivates her students to perform and achieve at their foremost levels, including children of other teachers. During her teaching career, Kim has been awarded several honours including the coveted President Narsultan Nazarbeyev’s Award for Teaching Excellence, and also completed a four-year international teaching contract at the competitive, academically selective NIS school in Kazakhstan.

What originally motivated you to become a teacher?
The love of knowledge.

A book that will teach you something worthwhile?
The Art of War, Sun Tzu will teach patience.

A book you love (it’s author) and why you love it?
Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austin. It’s a classic.