Damon Giller

Damon Giller

Secondary Maths Tutor

Experienced Secondary Maths Tutor

Having taught Primary, Secondary and Tertiary mathematics for approximately 17 years, Damon has a great love of Maths and ensures his students not only understand Maths, but also find it fun! His strengths lie in his communication skills. He takes great pleasure in seeing his students develop as they grow in both confidence and ability. Damon is able to teach up to Year 12 Advanced Mathematics.

Damon has taught English and Maths in Japan, giving him the skills to teach children from many different cultures and backgrounds. Damon has lived locally for almost a decade and is renowned for telling ‘not so funny’ jokes to anyone who will listen; his students, their parents and the team of experienced teachers at ARRENDELL Education.

Your favourite topic and why?
Maths; Algebra and Calculus. However, Damon is a History buff and believes those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it again!

Can you solve Damon’s favourite ‘stumper’ problem?
Three friends go to a café and each order a coffee. On the table is a sugar bowl containing twelve packets of sugar. Each person takes an odd number of packets, and all 12 packets are used. How many packets did each person use?

A book you love (it’s author) and why you love it?
Galapagos, Kurt Vonnegut. A book about de-evolution.