Our Action Plan

We all need to work together thoughtfully and proactively to ensure that we ensure everyone’s health and safety.

Action Plan

Important steps we have implemented and ask our community to assist with:
Updated: 09.08.20

  • Teachers are asking students at the beginning of each class if they are exhibiting any relevant symptoms and if necessary, children will be sent home immediately. Teachers are also using their discretion and advising should they feel a child need to be sent home.
  • Only bring enrolled children to the centre and try not to arrive early for class, as we wish to reduce time spent in waiting rooms.
  • Should any of our teaching staff be feeling unwell they will not be in attendance. Classes will be reconfigured accordingly to maintain continuity. This may include online services if suitable.
  • We will continue with our daily cleaning practices and have included extra steps to ensure our environment remains as clean as possible, including but not limited to;
    – Providing hand sanitiser in key common areas and in classrooms
    – Additional wiping of hard surfaces e.g. counters and desks
    – Cleaning all shared stationary
  • Signage displaying up to date health alerts and hygiene advice is displayed in core areas.

Please feel free to contact our staff should you wish to discuss in further detail: office@arrendell.com.au or 4942 3000.